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Spices hold a prominent place in the Indian culinary art. It is really difficult to imagine the taste of Indian food without the flavors provided by spices. Himadri Foods Ltd. has been successful in creating a strong hold in the food and spice industry and has carved a niche for itself as one of the leading Indian manufacturers of spice blends in powder form.

The company was started in 1960 by Shri Laxmichandji as a prominent retailer of spices. The business was incorporated into a limited company in year 2005 with its Registered Office at Mumbai and factories in Warangal and Navi Mumbai. The company is currently setting up its third state of art entirely automated plant in Navi Mumbai

Apart from the purest ground spices, we also produce specially formulated spice blends and also assortment blends that include ground, leaf and whole spices. For over 40 years Himadri Foods Ltd. has delved deep into the exotic world of spices, unlocking and revealing the authentic blends that make popular Indian and International dishes so distinctive in taste, flavor and aroma.

Our unique research methodology helps us understand the latest food and spice preferences, keeping in mind geographical locations and traditional cuisines of any particular region. Himadri shares its knowledge and expertise with its customers, through a range of blended and basic spices. Himadri spices have superior quality and an aroma of their own, which makes your cooking so special, extraordinary and enjoyable.
Is it love? Or is it Himadri?

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Himadri Healthy Haldi

Health Benefits of Haldi! Turmeric has numerous medicinal qualities and using turmeric in your diet increases immunity along with other benefits.

Himadri Masala: Cooking is an Art & you are an Artist. Experience culinary art as you smell the aromas and taste the flavors of Himadri Masalas in your food.